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Summer Watermelon Pattern Collection + Free Phone Wallpapers

Introducing my pattern collection & product line, ‘Summer Watermelon!’
Summer Watermelon Pattern Collection + Free Phone Wallpapers

Recently, I spent some time sketching and inking random fruits in my sketchbook. One of those sketchbook pages was filled with watermelons.

I liked how some of these drawings turned out and it got my gears turning for a new mini collection. This led to my new collection ‘Summer Watermelon.’

This collection is just so simple and casual. I was inspired by the colors of watermelon, but made them slightly warmer for a fun summer vibe. If you enjoy them as much as I do, I’ve created a full product line with these patterns in my online shop. Feel free to browse and grab something you like! Here are a few of my favorites:

Download the phone wallpaper pack!

If you’re not ready to purchase right now but still want to spruce up your belongings, I’ve created a free phone wallpaper pack for my newsletter subscribers. If you enjoy art like this and you’ve been wanting to find more peace in your environment, I invite you to join me!

Every week I share personal stories about how I’m finding more peace and acceptance of myself through my art practice. You’ll get an early look at new art, products, and exclusive gifts such as this one.

Let’s be friends and grab your free gift below! Enjoy!

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