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Enjoying a slow week + a shop update! | SHW #23

Visiting Charleston, easing back into drawing, new art, and limited edition prints!
Enjoying a slow week + a shop update! | SHW #23

Hey friends!

It’s been a bit of a slow, restful week for me. I spent a few days away in Charleston, South Carolina to celebrate a dear friend’s birthday. It was a fun weekend full of exploration, laughter, and silly conversations. I love getting away from my usual space and routines. It helps me to refocus on the things that matter most to me and fuels my creativity. Here are some photos from my trip!

Art Updates

Whenever I return from a trip, it usually takes me a day or two to get back into my routine. I love that I have more agency over my own schedule now, so I’m able to take as much time as I need. I hadn’t drawn in a little while, so I needed to slowly warm myself back up. I know it’s still January, but I felt inspired to create something Valentine’s Day themed. Maybe it was all the love I was feeling after spending time with friends 🥰 Here’s a work in progress of the illustration I started:

I also wanted to share an illustration I finished last week. It’s another elf portrait, and this time I was inspired by pine trees 🌲 I also created a YouTube video showing the drawing process.

Shop Updates - New Limited Edition Prints!

I’ve updated my shop with 2 new products! You can find the Snow Elf and Pine Elf as limited edition prints. These prints are 8.5in x 11in on high quality fine art paper. They will be signed and numbered and won’t be reprinted in this format again. I’ve only printed 5 of each, so be sure to grab one before they sell out!

I’ll be continuing to update my shop with new products throughout the year and those of you subscribed to the newsletter will be the first to know. If there’s anything else you’d love to see from me, you can always let me know at any time by responding to these emails or sending me a DM on Instagram ❤️

That’s all I have for you. Have an amazing week!


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