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Rosette Patterns + A Gift for You!

Creating rosette patterns and planet phone wallpapers.
Rosette Patterns + A Gift for You!

Sketching & Inking By Hand

As a part of the pattern design class I’m taking, I’ve been doing a lot of sketching and inking by hand. I’m so used to creating digitally, but I love the hand-drawn look, especially on patterns.

While it’s been fun and meditative to create with pen and paper, it’s also been a bit frustrating at times. Of course, traditional media is permanent, so sometimes I need to re-draw motifs multiple times before they look the way I want.

Here are some rosette motifs I sketched and inked. I always think the sketch looks great, but inking can be another story. 🙈

I re-drew these many times before I finally landed on their final versions.

It’s helpful for me to remember that I’ll ultimately be digitizing the inked drawings, so it’s okay for them to look a little wonky and imperfect as I can always clean them up. Plus, a little bit of wonkiness adds character.

Final Rosette Patterns

After I finally got my motifs looking good (enough), I brought them into Adobe Illustrator to digitize them and turn them into patterns. Here’s a little sneak peek at the final results:

What types of products can you imagine these patterns on? I’d love to know!

♥ Rachel

A Gift for You — Planets Phone Wallpapers

A couple of weeks ago I shared some planet-inspired patterns I created, and a few of you requested them as phone wallpapers. So I went ahead and created some high-resolution versions for you to download!

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