Open Goals

Here is where I'll be openly setting & tracking progress towards my goals for the year. You can check back here throughout the year to see my progress. Subscribe to my newsletter for weekly updates on how things are going!

Thank you to Steph Smith for the idea.

2023 Goals & Stats


Goal: Draw for 1000 hours.

Pretty self-explanatory. This will be actual pen-to-paper time and will not include time spent learning and consuming information from others.


Goal: Share my progress 80% of the year, or 292 days.

Drawing is great, but I also feel driven towards sharing my process. I tend to de-prioritize this and hide away. This year I want to make sure I build in the open. This will include sharing what I'm up to on my blog and/or social media platforms.


Goal: Exercise for 80% of the year, or 292 days.

Another self-explanatory goal. Exercise is amazing and necessary for my mind and body to function properly. I'd like to do some intentional exercise as much as I can.


Goal: Study Japanese 80% of the year, or 292 days.

I don't talk about this much, so many don't know this, but I took a semester of Japanese when I was in college and have been self-studying on and off since then. I want to get back into my studies. I even have an external motivator as I'm going back to Japan in November!

Current Stats

Last Updated: 2/24/2023

Focus Goal Progress Percentage Tracking
Draw 1000 hours 41 4% 24%
Share 292 days 16 5% 33%
Exercise 292 days 47 16% 96%
Japanese 292 days 16 5% 33%
  • Days = the number of days I engaged in the activity for any amount of time
  • Percentage = the percentage of progress I've made towards the goal; e.g., progress / goal
  • Tracking = the percentage of progress I've made relative to the amount of time elapsed; this indicates how "on track" I am where 100% is perfectly on track