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Learning to be friends with color

Learning to be friends with color

Hey friend and happy Sunday!

Sorry I missed last week’s newsletter. I celebrated my birthday and felt I needed a little break, so I took one. Now I’m back to share some new art!

I’ve mentioned many times before how much I love line work but struggle with color. I’ve toyed around with the idea of never adding color to my work and just leaving them as line drawings. However, when I can manage to get it right, I really do enjoy my work in color.

Last week I added some color to this drawing I made of a plant-filled office space.

I tried to to stick to a small color palette, focusing mainly on greens. I painted the largest objects first and then slowly filled in the rest of the drawing by finding colors relative to the base color, making slight shifts in their hue and value.

This approach reduced my frustration and led to what I think is a pretty decent result. I think the colors are more cohesive than in other pieces I’ve created in the past.

I’m going to continue to experiment with this approach. Maybe someday color and I will become friends!

That’s all I have to share. Have a great week!

♥ Rachel

P.S., you can find this piece along with all of my other artwork available to purchase on a variety of products in my shop.