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I finished my hibiscus flower pattern!

A week of creating patterns and character illustrations + free phone wallpapers for you!
I finished my hibiscus flower pattern!

Happy Sunday!

This past week I was in full creative mode working on a new pattern and illustration. I started drawing these hibiscus flowers a couple of weeks ago, inspired by my recent trip to Maui. I finally finished the pattern, and here it is in a variety of colors!

I really took my time with this one and love how the details turned out. I also had some spare time to work on another character illustration. I’m still finding the fun in imagining my patterns on different articles of clothing.

If you’d like to own something for yourself with this design, it’s now available in my shop!

And before you go, as a thank you for being a part of my little community I created some phone backgrounds with this design, which you can download for free below! I’m using them myself to help me feel like I’m still in Hawaii. Enjoy! 🌴

♥ Rachel

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